khaki edition ola s1 pro

Introducing the Freedom Edition Khaki Ola S1 Pro!

Product Updates:

75 years ago, India was born thanks to the unrelenting efforts of thousands of revolutionaries. Revolutionaries that helped India earn its freedom, find a voice of its own and stand on its own two feet.
75 years later, we hold our heads up with pride at all that we have achieved.
75 years ago we were free as a nation so it’s the only time we own that freedom, own that Aazadi!

Introducing the ‘Freedom Edition’ Khaki Ola S1 Pro.

That’s right, the greenest scooter ever just got greener! 
Khaki stands for the courage to own your freedom.

It stands for an indefatigable spirit that rises to every challenge and overcomes every obstacle in its path.
In many ways, the color Khaki personifies the spirit of the S1 Pro, and every Indian that rides it.
This limited edition scooter will come bearing special decals and don a unique seat cover as well.

As an ode to the year we achieved our independence, this limited edition rightfully has only 1947 units.
Now if you’re an outlier for all the right reasons, if you’re fearless no matter what lies ahead of you, if you own your freedom in every way and everyday then the Khaki Ola S1 Pro is an ode to you!
So grab yours while you can! 

The ‘Freedom Edition’ will be priced at ₹1,49,000.
Head to the Ola App or Ola Electric Web to buy now!

Own your aazadi, like a Pro!